Measuring temperature, water & carbon from space for better resource accountability

At constellr, we are using cutting-edge beyond-visual imaging technology to revolutionise the way we assess crucial aspects of our planet's health. With temperature readings, we are able to monitor vegetation, soil health, and derive  insights on water and carbon as well as monitor industrial activities with an unprecedented level of accuracy.


Land Surface Temperature Data

Global high-resolution temperature monitoring

Spatially and spectrally harmonised data available now

Combining constellr's proprietary and publicly available thermal data

Enabling the highest LST frequency and accuracy on the market today

Sensitivity of 0.1 K: extraordinary accuracy for a time series and changed detection

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Early access programme

constellr delivers 30 m Land Surface Temperature (LST) data from 2024.

Ensure access to groundbreaking constellr data: secure data access for your areas of interest

Down to 10 m (remote native) spatial resolution and daily revisit time

Lock in favourable commercial terms

Tailor constellrs technology to your needs

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Why Constellr
Measurement not proxies

Science grade TIR (thermal infrared remote) measurements not proxies

Data superiority

Guaranteed radiometric precision with onboard stabilization and cryocooling

High resolution

Daily frequency, 10 m native thermal infrared images

Empowering sustainability

Driving actionable water and carbon insights

Optimised for agriculture

...and a wide range of other industrial applications

Backed by 30+ organisations changing the world

Revolutionising Earth Observation

Agriculture & Environment

Urban & Industrial

Forest Monitoring & Disaster Management

Coastal Monitoring


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We're a diverse and ambitious team with expertise across aerospace engineering, data science, agronomy and business. We have a shared vision to use space to leverage positive climate impact across global industrial systems.

We have office hubs in Munich, Freiburg, Berlin and Brussels.Visit our careers page to explore our latest vacancies:

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