constellr partners with Viewpoint to Spotlight Innovations in Smart Farming on National Television

January 19, 2024


Rosa Schmidt

constellr partners with Viewpoint to Spotlight Innovations in Smart Farming on National Television

Freiburg, 18th of January 2024 – constellr, a leader in space-based thermal data for temperature, water and carbon measurements, announces a collaboration with Telly Award-winning TV show Viewpoint, hosted by actor Dennis Quaid. This partnership aims to showcase smart farming innovations and contribute to the critical conversation on global food security. The short-form educational documentary will be distributed nationally and helps develop constellr’s position in the US market.

In partnership with the Viewpoint production team, constellr has also crafted a compelling commercial focusing on our revolutionary land surface temperature product, airing nationally on major networks, including CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Discovery Life, Family Channel, and CNN Headline News.

constellr's mission is rooted in supporting global food security by enabling high-precision smart farming services., The company utilizes proprietary space infrastructure to measure crucial parameters such as water, temperature, and carbon at an unprecedented level.

Already serving numerous customers, constellr gears up for a significant milestone with its satellite launch in 2024. The recently launched Early Access Program (EAP) assures global agricultural companies' early access to superior data services. The Viewpoint partnership is anticipated to broaden significantly the reach of our EAP in the US.

As a pioneering provider of space-based insights, constellr is committed to advancing our understanding of the planet's ecosystems, providing a robust data foundation to drive sustainable agriculture and contribute to feeding 10 billion people by 2050.


About constellr 

constellr (Germany, Belgium) is a pan-European technology company enabling globally scalable high-precision smart farming and resource management to support global food security in a time of climate change. Using proprietary space infrastructure, constellr leads the way in beyond-visual imaging technology to assess vegetation and soil health at an unprecedented level.  

For more information, please visit constellr.com (https://constellr.com)

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About Viewpoint

Viewpoint is an educational television show hosted by veteran actor Dennis Quaid. Recognized for its informative content, the show has received multiple Telly Awards and continues to be a trusted source of education for viewing audiences nationwide.