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constellr selected to participate in the 2024 John Deere Startup Collaborator Program

January 24, 2024


Rosa Schmidt

constellr selected to participate in the 2024 John Deere Startup Collaborator Program

Freiburg, Germany 24th of January - constellr, a leading provider in space-based thermal data, collaborates with John Deere as part of the agricultural giant’s Startup Collaborator program, aimed at advancing precision technology in agriculture.

The program represents a collaborative approach to adding value to global agricultural customers, providing constellr with a deep understanding of the biggest challenges facing the sector, as well as opening the door for future collaboration and growth.  

With its mission to revolutionize agriculture, constellr utilizes proprietary space infrastructure to measure water, temperature, and carbon, providing unparalleled insights into vegetation and soil health. constellr’s thermal data enables farmers, AgriTech and analytics companies to document their advanced resource efficiency and accountability and address the challenges of climate change.

“Being selected to be part of John Deeres startup collaborator program marks a significant milestone in our journey towards creating a more accountable and resilient agricultural ecosystem particularly in anticipation of this year's launch of our constellation, HiVE," says Max Gulde, CEO of constellr.

In an era where sustainable agriculture is paramount, constellr's innovative approach leverages space technology to empower farmers and companies in the agricultural sector with precise data for informed decision-making. Working with John Deere's startup collaborators signifies a strategic alliance aimed at driving positive change in the agriculture industry.


About constellr 

constellr (Germany, Belgium) is a pan-European technology company enabling globally scalable high-precision smart farming and resource management to support global food security in a time of climate change. Using proprietary space infrastructure, constellr leads the way in beyond-visual imaging technology to assess vegetation and soil health at an unprecedented level.  

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