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Telespazio Germany and constellr: A cooperation to improve our planet’s health

March 7, 2024


Rosa Schmidt

· Telespazio Germany, an aerospace leader in services and operations, will provide constellr with ground segment software services to support its mission to combat climate change.

· constellr is a leading provider of space-based measurements of water, carbon and temperature, with its first fully commercial satellite due to launch this year.

Telespazio Germany and constellr: A cooperation to improve our planet’s health

Darmstadt, 7th of March 2024 - Telespazio Germany, a subsidiary of Telespazio – a jointventure between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%), and constellr have signed an agreement for the provision of Telespazio’s ground segment software solution,EASE-Rise, to operate constellr’s first satellite. The upcoming launch, scheduled for later this year, aims to provide global land surface temperature(LST) imagery, contributing to the fight against climate change.

Utilizing its HiVE (High-Precision VersatileEcosphere Monitoring Mission) constellation of infrared monitoring satellites, constellr will accurately measure crop temperatures on a daily basis, down to asub-field level, covering the entire planet. The main objective is to deliveroptimized global LST imagery, specifically tailored for applications in high-precision agriculture, water management, temperature-based crop health assessment, yield prediction, and sustainable resource management.

To accomplish this goal, constellr has entrusted the ground segment software to Telespazio Germany, which will deploy its cloud-native platform, EASE-Rise. Through this end-to-end platform, Telespazio will offer monitoring and control, flight dynamics, and integration services, with an innovative software-as-a-service approach during the constellation lifetime. Additionally, it commits to ongoing engineering support covering software and operational assistance throughout the project's operational phase.

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“It is a pleasure for Telespazio Germany to provide our spacecraft operations expertise to a company like constellr, helping them unveil critical data regarding carbon and water cycles, early vegetation stress indicators, and infrastructural heat patterns,” comments Sigmar Keller, ChiefExecutive Officer at Telespazio Germany.“Our mission is to empower organisations to safely and effectively manage their satellite missions. We are proud to help constellr understand our planet better and make it more sustainable, liveable and safer, and I am glad to share that with constellr.”


With sustainability as a core focus, this partnership highlights the pivotal role of space enterprises in leveraging cutting-edge technology for environmental insight. Additionally, it exemplifies how a company like Telespazio can provide invaluable support to emerging constellations through its spacecraft operations expertise, solidifying its position as a key player in advancing space exploration and sustainability efforts.


Dr. Max Gulde, Chief Executive Officer at constellr, commented: “We’re delighted be able to rely on the expert ground segment and software services of Telespazio Germany as we step into the operational phase of our mission. Not only does this partnership serve as a strong validation for our technology, providing a robust basis for scaling our operations and ensuring the delivery of the highest quality LST data to our customers, it also demonstrates a mutual commitment to the benefit of space for our planet.


Telespazio Germany GmbH

Telespazio Germany, a subsidiary of Telespazio – a joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%) – is an Aerospace leader in consulting, technology, and engineering services. With over 400 employees, it provides expert solutions based on a full range of systems operations engineering, and ICT disciplines. The company enables its clients’ business by developing high-quality, dependable and innovative systems for control, planning and data processing as well as for simulations and training.Post-development, it provides operations services, and support throughout the entire programme lifecycle, up to fully outsourced services for its clients –at the highest quality and compliant with the relevant regulations.


Telespazio Germany GmbH - Press contact

Cristina Conesa

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constellr GmbH

constellr (Germany, Belgium) is a pan-European technology company enabling globally scalable high-precision smart farming and resource management to support global food security in a time of climate change. Using proprietary space infrastructure, constellr leads the way in beyond-visual imaging technology to assess vegetation and soil health at an unprecedented level.  


constellr GmbH - Press contact

Rosa Schmidt

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