Land Surface Temperature

Global high-resolution temperature monitoring

Spatially and spectrally harmonised data available now

Combining constellr's proprietary and publicly available thermal data

Up to 10 m native spatial resolution and daily revisit time

Sensitivity of 0.1 K: extraordinary accuracy for a time series and changed detection

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Problem - Temperature

Temperature at the centre of climate change

Measuring temperature provides:

Insight into the dynamic of the carbon and water cycles from local to regional scale
Anomalies information that relates to vegetation stress before yield is affected
Timely information for stress mitigation as well as improved planning at the field level
Insight on infrastructure and urban heat patterns

Temperature data at high-resolution and high frequency: constellr LST 

What are we delivering today :

50 m spatial resolution and 3 K accuracy 
Analytics-ready data set 
Weekly coverage
Cloud-optimised data format, delivered according to customer needs  

Get answers to common questions

Which sources does LST use?

Our LST product fuses our own propriotary data (LisR) with public data sources.

What do the 3 files contain that I receive in my bucket?

2 geotiff files with LST data and Cloud data (0 or 1), 1 file with Meta data