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Temperature products for Agriculture & Environment

Create value based on measurements

Direct measurements require less modelling

Efficient processing of constellr's data vs. traditional optical satellite data

Accurate measurement and cross calibrated sensors well-suited for change detecion and time series

Monitor temperature events for impact on yield

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Delivering value for Agriculture & Environment


Seasonal Drought Patterns in Illinois

Early detection of drought conditions using thermal imagery

Heat stress is detected before damage is visible on the plants

Optimal time for pollination is determined

Allows to prioritise field intervention to mitigate earlier where it matters most

Solutions for Agriculture & Environment


Land Surface Temperature

Reducing the number of field samples.

Spatially and spectrally harmonised data available now

Combining constellr's proprietary and publicly available thermal data

Up to 10 m native spatial resolution and daily revisit time

Sensitivity of 0.1 K: extraordinary accuracy for a time series and changed detection

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