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Applications for Urban & Industrial

Translating Data into Heat Island Solutions

Urban environment displays a wide range of surfaces that all have their own thermal properties

constellr's highly accurate thermal measurement captures fine contrasts in temperature variation

Day and night data available

By precision autorectified measurement

Absolute & accurate measurements on a global level

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Delivering value for Urban & Industrial


Urban Heat Island, Melbourne

From Data to Action monitoring heat island at scale

Accurate temperature data supports evidence-based urban planning and climate resilience, focusing on addressing urban heat islands or industry cases

Real-time land surface temperature monitoring aids in identifying heat-vulnerable areas for targeted interventions

This informs urban managers and construction developers about the effectiveness of measures used to mitigate the heat island effect

Solutions for Urban & Industrial


Land Surface Temperature

Global high-resolution temperature monitoring

Spatially and spectrally harmonised data available now

Combining constellr's proprietary and publicly available thermal data

Up to 30 m native spatial resolution (down sampling up to 10 m) and daily revisit time

Sensitivity of 0.1 K: extraordinary accuracy for a time series and changed detection

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Forest Monitoring & Disaster Management

Coastal Monitoring